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Donna and Donielle are two moms who both experienced the annoyance of cradle cap with their children. After one too many oil mishaps in their respective homes they decided to come up with an easy and mess-free solution to help their baby’s get rid of cradle cap…and Noggin WipesTM were born!

When thinking about treating their baby’s skin Donna and Donielle both felt it was of utmost importance to make sure that the treatment was as wholesome and gentle as possible.

Donna Rudolph


Donna Rudolph, co-founder of Teeny Tiny Treatments, works as the company’s creative director and networking strategist. She has been a teacher and educator for over twenty years, and has a podcast called: Are We There Yet Moms? Her background combines theatre, yoga, and a love of languages. Donna has been working as a language specialist in early childhood for the past eight years. During that time she had three of her own children (all of whom had cradle cap running down their faces). Donna is a pursuer of natural remedies and easy to use solutions, because parenting is hard!

Aside from meeting her husband, Donna says meeting Doni when Donna was an eighteen-year-old summer camp counselor was one of the most serendipitous meetings of her life. A strong friendship began and as time went on their paths continued to intersect. Doni and Donna had many lucky opportunities to work together professionally, which is how they realized they would make excellent business partners. When Donna’s first child was born and she was familiarized with the problem that is known as cradle cap, and she knew she needed an easy to use solution. Donna and Doni began discussing the possibilities of remedies for this icky and annoying problem and thus Teeny Tiny Treatments and subsequently Noggin WipesTM were born. Through Teeny Tiny Treatments, Donna is able to spread her gifts of creativity and innovation with the development of much needed products to make parenting a tiny bit easier.

Donielle Lavintman


Donielle Lavintman, co-founder of Teeny Tiny Treatments, primarily works behind the scenes managing business operations. While she dabbles in all areas of the company, Donielle has always had a knack for detail. Donielle, nicknamed Doni, holds a master’s degree from NYU in Art Therapy and a dual bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University in Studio Art and Anthropology. She has an affinity for travel and spent a significant amount of her (pre-married) life traveling the world. Spending several months in India in 2007 and becoming a yoga instructor led her into the field of education. Doni has been a yoga teacher, teaching as a full-time early childhood yoga instructor for nearly a decade. Doni has two children and currently lives in New York.

Doni and Donna have a long history together, having been in each other’s lives for nearly twenty years—their unique gifts compliment their respective contributions to the company, and their history has translated into a successful business relationship. Donna was the first of Doni’s friends to have children, and therefore was the first person Doni turned to for advice when she had children, herself. After countless hours of parenting advice over the years, there were certain things about parenting that Donna and Doni felt should be less complicated. Making life easier for parents just seemed like the right thing to do, and who better to do it with than a fellow mommy and longtime friend? Starting and building Teeny Tiny Treatments with Donna has been and continues to feed Doni’s love for supporting parents on their journey of parenthood.

Noggin Wipes™ are made with a special avocado oil-based solution on a gentle exfoliating cloth to help relieve the symptoms associated with cradle cap.

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Cradle Cap is that icky scaly skin irritation that happens to over 70% of babies between the ages of 1 and 12 months.

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Noggin WipesTM  are specifically designed to help relieve the symptoms associated with cradle cap.

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