Hair Accessories For Babies

By March 19, 2019 August 8th, 2019 noggin blog

Let’s face it—we all love a cute baby hat or baby bow on a tiny head…

but is there a time that when accessorizing your baby is too much? The answer: yes and no. There are no health implications to over accessorizing your baby, but generally moderation is key. Giving kids the opportunity to accessorize can help them develop their personality and preferences.

Baby accessories are super cute! They draw extra attention to your already adorable child. Baby accessories can help you identify your child in a crowd—the bright the better. If your baby is born with a mop of hear on their head, a cute accessory can keep it out of their eyes. Hair accessories can help with connecting and bonding with your child. You can never go wrong with a little hat peekaboo, kids love that game! If your baby is bald—many are—why not just pop a Velcro bow on that head and voila who needs hair? Alternatively, you could put a hat on your baby to complete the perfect outfit.

One thing that can make baby accessories less fun is feeling a need to put them on your baby.

If your baby has cradle cap or a strawberry birthmark that you are trying to cover up, accessories can be pretty annoying. Accessories are supposed to be fun, and adding an obligation in attempts to not draw attention to a certain part of your child’s appearance is not fun. Additionally, finding the right accessory to cover up whatever you are trying to hide may be difficult and time consuming.

Accessories can be expensive! Unless you have been given unlimited access to pristine accessory hand-me-downs, buying accessories can be quite costly. Additionally, it is very easy to fall down a rabbit hole and want to have different accessories to go with every single different outfit you baby has, which can be a lot. Keeping track of the accessories can also be a daunting task, especially when your collection exponentially grows because you found a cute accessory that you want to buy in every color.

Sometimes no matter how strongly you feel as a parent about a certain accessory, your kid may not want to wear it. When I had my son, I loved putting him in cute hats, but he hated them! (He also was not and is currently still not very fond of shoes and socks, but that is neither here nor there.) I would find the most adorable sun hats, that are also functional to avoid unnecessary sun exposure, and within seconds he would pull them off his head, it was very annoying.

All in all, as long as the accessories you choose to put on your baby are not harmful to them (i.e. a headband or hat that is too small), the only result aside from extreme cuteness, is the development of an attachment to accessories.

Feel free to experiment with accessories while your baby is still young enough to let you, because before you know it they will be picking out their own outfits and accessorizing themselves! Also, keep in mind that some babies will not like accessories and/ or have preferences over which they like best (just like grown-ups), take the hint from your kiddo and honor their opinions when they are expressed.

Lauren C.

Mom of Two

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