Mom Friends

By June 4, 2019 September 24th, 2020 noggin blog

Given the fact that moms are often exhausted and potentially covered in spit up, it can be daunting to find your “mom tribe.”

Someone once compared finding new mom friends to dating: You have to put yourself out there, be a good listener, ask engaging questions, and be willing to drive at least an hour for what might turn out to only be a 30-minute date! (While of course time it perfectly so you don’t interrupt your baby’s nap schedule). And you hope they call back! Is it worth the hassle and potential rejection? We say yes!

But the truth is whether you love being surrounded by a large crew or prefer one-on- one companionship, we all need moms in our lives. Babies are adorable but they don’t discuss the newest Netflix show, the best pumping bra, or their favorite type of formula. Moms can multitask like an octopus—using all 8 arms at once! But, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t always use an extra two.

A good place to start finding or expanding your crew is a neighborhood pool or local community center. Your 2-year-olds will fight over the same Lightening McQueen water toy and pretty soon you both will be laughing! There are also popular mom groups like PACE, MOPS, & the JCC that focus on new mamas.

Parks in the summer are another great place to meet friends but you have to make the first move: ask how old their child is, bring bubbles, or bring an extra shovel. Once, I met someone because she needed a band-aid and we are still friends. You can hand them a noggin wipe too 😉 (Friends don’t let friends have cradle cap).

Baby classes are a great way to avoid the heat-and if you are feeling bold- ask a new friend to a nearby lunch with her kids when the class is over. It’s quick and usually messy- low-key fun! 

Whether you have multiple kids, 1 kid, or you’re preggers–your crew is critical. Of course, you will always remain besties with your single friend who’s backpacking through Europe, but there’s room for new moms who are sharing a similar life change. Not all moms will be your “person,” but you need enough to help carpool once they get older.

So good luck this summer and let us know your favorite tips on meeting and making new mom friends!

Rebecca J.

Mom of Three