Noggin WipesTM

Here is how Noggin WipesTM work:

Each individual wipe is soaked in an oil-based mixture that is MEANT to leave a thin oily film on the affected area. The light oily residue that is left on your baby’s skin after using one of our awesome wipes is not only moisturizing, it is actually working to gently and safely break up and loosen the irritated skin which will ultimately help to relieve the symptoms that occur with cradle cap! (The best part is that they can work using only one wipe per day, but you can go ahead and use as many as you want.) Noggin WipesTM work gradually and gently to alleviate the symptoms associated with cradle cap in the optimally safe amount of time.

Noggin Wipes™ are made with a special avocado oil-based solution on a gentle exfoliating cloth to help relieve the symptoms associated with cradle cap.

  • these product wipes are not tested on animals
  • free from harsh chemicals
  • easily stored at room temperature
  • resealable packaging, for your convenience
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Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is that icky scaly skin irritation that happens to over 70% of babies between the ages of 1 and 12 months.

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Our Story

Donna was a mom who experienced the annoyance of cradle cap with her three children.

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